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XenApp tuning document re-born

For what seems to be a life-time ago, Rick Dehlinger was the editor on the ”Citrix MetaFrame for Windows Servers – Installation and Tuning Tips” guide.

This great pdf-document featured tips and tricks for the Citrix administrator. I remember both me and my colleges, had great use of the document and every release was closely examined.

I don’t recall when Rick published the last version, but a quick search in my old documents returned the version from April 2000.

I had a quick look at it and to my surprise there’s still a lot of great tips in the guide.

For the fun of it I have included the document here.

Now the project has been reopened and will be updated on a voluntary basis through the Danish Citrix User Group. The editor of this new edition is Christian Fenneberg from Arrow ECS in Denmark, a long time friend and college of mine. The first release of the document is a ”beta” release, this release is lacking some sections, but there is still a lot of useful information. If we all help, this document have the potential to get as good as its predecessor.

Even though it’s a Danish initiative, the document is in english, for all the world to enjoy. I know for a fact that everybody welcome to participate.

You can download the new document from the Danish Citrix User Group’s site.

Jacob Berg