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New Receiver for iPhone 4 – Part 1

Citrix recently released Citrix Receiver for iPhone version 4.

This new version is an updated version for iOS 4 and iPhone 4.

The client runs on older iPhones as-well, but their might be features that don’t work with older iPhones (Like external display support).

The Citrix Receiver for iPhone 4.0 adds the following new features:

  • User Interface Refresh
    • New Recent apps list
    • Retina display support
  • Auto-fit Screen
    • Auto-size on rotation
  • Multitasking Support
    • Use virtual apps side by side with native apps.
  • New Gestures
- Simpler and more accurate gestures
    • Tap-point feedback
  • Shared Clipboard
    • Share pasteboard between virtual/native apps
  • Shared Documents
    • Share files via iTunes with your virtual apps
  • External Display Support
    • Extend your virtual app to a monitor or projector
  • Performance enhancements
    • Up to 30% faster than previous version
  • Bug Fixes

Download Citrix Reciever for iPhone here:

Citrix has also released two new pdf-documents for the Citrix administrator:

One is the Administrator guide for Receiver for iPhone. This guide describes how to setup your environment for remote access, using Citrix Access Gateway and Citrix Secure Gateway.

Download Citrix Receiver for iPhone Administration guide here.

The other guide is Citrix Receiver for Mobile Devices Troubleshooting Guide (CTX125533).

This guide delivers valuable information on troubleshooting the Citrix Receiver and delivers information on log-files and error messages.

Download Citrix Receiver for Mobile Devices Troubleshooting Guide here.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where I will take a closer look at Shared Documents and Shared Clipboard.

Jacob Berg