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SMS Passcode for iPad Receiver

Earlier this week SMS Passcode released their new  iPad App called ”SMS Passcode for iPad Receiver”. This new App makes it possible for SMS Passcode users to logon securely with two-factor authentication to their Citrix environment.

The new SMS Passcode App adds one of the features that I really missed, to the Citrix Receiver to the iPad (and it even works with iPhone).

The fact is that I have a lot of customers running SMS Passcode, this have been a show-stopper for me, to really start using the iPad to access customer installations, when on the road. Even though I believe it would be fairly easy for Citrix, to incorporate SMS Passcode in the Citrix Receiver as one of the standard choices, they haven’t done it yet (I’m sure we’ll see it in a future release). Now SMS Passcode have decided to solve the problem them-self until Citrix embed it into the Receiver.

I have now had a couple of days to test the SMS Passcode and Citrix Receiver together, and I think they have made an elegant solution, that really make Citrix Receiver on iPad/iPhone even better. I love the fact that I’m able to access customer sites running SMS Passcode from my iPad, so this App is definitely a keeper.

It can be a little tricky to setup the Receiver and SMS Passcode App to work together, but there is a guide in the SMS PAsscode that can help you along. I have included the guide in this blog post for you to use then setting it up (I personally had to go back to the guide several times during setup, which was a bit annoying because I had to exit the configuration to look at the guide). After setting up the Citrix Receiver and SMS Passcode App the integration works smoothly.

One thing that I’m missing is the possibility to setup different SMS Passcode profiles for me to use for different customer sites, but I guess that most of the users won’t need more than one profile. I still hope to see it in a later version.

As I already have mentioned the SMS Passcode for iPad Receiver is compatible with both iPad, iPhone and iPad touch as long as they are running iOS3 or later.

Download SMS Passcode for Citrix Reciever here:

To give you a quick impression on what’s going on, when you logon I have made this quick guide:

Once everything is configured (look at the guide further down), you first launch the SMS PASSCODE for iPad Receiver application:

Click “Log On” (enter User name and Password if the fields are empty):

Once authenticated, a window will state you will receive the passcode shortly. Click “Ok” and the Citrix Receiver for iPad will launch.

Select the created SMS PASSCODE profile above.

Enter the code received as an SMS (in this case on my iPhone) in the Passcode field and click “OK”.

You are now authenticated.

Excepts from the SMS Passcode for iPad Receiver guide (with my screendumps):

To configure the Citrix Receiver for iPad to work with SMS PASSCODE, please go through below to configure the Citrix Receiver for iPad, the SMS PASSSCODE for iPad Receiver and the log in process as follows:

SMS PASSCODE and Citrix Access Gateway configuration

Configure the SMS PASSCODE server to work with Citrix Access Gateway using SMS Authentication. If you do not know how to configure SMS PASSCODE contact If you have not installed SMS PASSCODE® contact sales at to purchase the solution.

Configure the Citrix Receiver for iPad to work with the SMS PASSCODE application:

1) In workspace, select a new profile

2) Name it something easy to remember such as SMS PASSCODE

2) Enter the Citrix Access Gateway default address from above server configuration

3) Enter user name, password and domain like a regular authentication configuration

4) Set Access Gateway option to “on”

5) Select the proper edition from above. Note Standard and Enterprise are the supported Gateway editions.

6) Select the RSA SecurID Only option (this will tell it is two-factor authentication)

7) Save the configuration

Configure the SMS PASSCODE for iPad Receiver application:

1) Once the Server is configured, select the SMS PASSCODE application, click configure.

2) Enter the Citrix Access Gateway url, that you use for regular SMS PASSCODE two-factor authentication and click load. Select yes, if you want the application to remember User name and Password

3)  Enter User name and Password and click logon.

Jacob Berg