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Basic Administration for Citrix XenApp 6 – Additional content

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of delivering the first XenApp 6 class in Denmark. Even though we experienced some technical issues in the labs, due to the extremely high hardware requirements for the lab computers (A problem that was solved late in the evening on day two), it was a great experience. I had the pleasure of teaching a great team of students and I think we all had a good time learning what’s new in XenApp 6.

I promised one of the student to post links to some of the information, that I mentioned as part of the class. Some of this content I used as part of my preparation for the class and some was actually shown as part of the class.

Documents and pdf’s:

Client Feature Matrix:

A great comparison of different Citrix client features for different Operating Systems. Unfortunately it hasn’t been updated with version 12.x, hopefully that will happen soon.

Citrix-TV and YouTube:

TechTalk Webinar: XenApp 6 Migration Tool

Simple and fast migration from XenApp 5 farms to XenApp 6.

TechTalk Webinar: Microsoft App-V integration with Citrix XenAppp 6

Introduces integration with Microsoft® App-V, delivering App-V virtualized applications to users.

Whiteboard introduction to the Citrix HDX technologies by Michael Harris:

I love the simplicity by which Michael Harris introduces the HDX technologies. I normally use this short presentation as part of my classes, either by playing the video, or by doing it myself at the whiteboard. I actually meet Michael in San Francisco, at Synergy, but forgot thank him for the great presentation.

Knowledgebase articles:

Unattended XenApp 6 installation:

Installing XenApp from the Command Line:

Preparing for XenApp 6 Imaging and Provisioning:

I’m pretty sure I forgot some of the stuff I referenced, but I hope this is a good start. If you know of something that would be good reference material, feel free to post additional links in the comments area below.

Jacob Berg