A quick look at the new Citrix Receiver for Mac version 11.3

I have made a couple of quick screen-shoots of the new Citrix Receiver for Mac version 11.3. I will start testing it right away and will make a more thorough review of the client in a couple of days. For now take a look at the screen-shoots and try downloading it yourself.

Citrix Receiver is now available from the new Apple App Store for Mac:

After adding the app and agreeing to a couple of new Apple license agreements for the new App Store (because it was the first App I downloaded), the Citrix Receiver is downloaded:

After download you can launch the Citrix Receiver from the Launchbar.

The Citrix Receiver now gives you the possibility to signup for a demo account at the CitrixCloud or Logon to your own site:

After I logged on to the DemoCloud it presented me with the ”Dazzle-look” where you can add your Citrix Apps to your workspace:

The chosen applications is immediately accessible from the Application pane:

When launching your Citrix Apps, the new Citrix Viewer is launched:

The Citrix Viewer is holding the sessions and by quitting the Citrix Viewer you disconnect your sessions:

When the initial setup is done, the Citix Receiver always start in the Application pane, with your selected applications.You can start the application by double-clicking the icons or you can drag-n-drop the application icon to your desktop or Application folder:

You can also launch your selected applications by ”right-clicking” the Citrix Receiver icon:

Check out the feature list below (this is from the documentation that can be accessed in full here: http://support.citrix.com/proddocs/topic/receiver-mac-appstore-113/rec-mac-app-wrapper.html).

Citrix Receiver for Mac includes the following features:

  • Direct download and updates from the Apple Mac App Store. Users can download and update the Receiver directly from the Apple Mac App Store.
  • Secure, remote access through both Access Gateway and Secure Gateway. Integration with Access Gateway and Secure Gateway provides users with secure access to all of the enterprise applications, virtual desktops, and data they need to be productive.
  • Direct access to applications and desktops when connected on an internal network. Users can access applications and desktops directly when connected on an internal network.
  • Automatic configuration of multiple devices using a Store URL. The Citrix Receiver for Mac Setup URL Generator utility enables administrators to configure settings for XenApp or XenDesktop resources and email those configurations to multiple users at once. Users can go to the URL and automatically configure Receiver access to specific XenApp and XenDesktop resources.
  • Support for multiple stores. Citrix Receiver for Mac provides support for users to access applications and virtual desktops provided by multiple stores. Using a simple drop-down list, users can switch between stores to subscribe to all the applications and desktops they need to complete their everyday tasks.
  • Application and desktop launch directly from Receiver and the Dock. Users can launch applications and desktops either from Receiver or directly from the Dock, just like local applications.
  • User-configurable appearance, device, and keyboard settings. User-configurable preference settings allow users to configure whether virtual desktops are displayed in full-screen or windowed mode. Remote applications are automatically displayed in fully resizable windows. Users can also map local drivers and devices so they are available within a session and configure their own keyboard shortcuts.
  • Server-client content redirection. Server-client content redirection enables administrators to specify that URLs in a published application are opened using a local application. For example, opening a link to a Web page while using Microsoft Outlook in an ICA session opens the required file using the browser on the client device. Server-client content redirection enables administrators to allocate Citrix resources more efficiently, thereby providing users with better performance.
  • Desktop resize support. Desktop resize support enables users to resize their desktop when connected to desktop sessions, using the resize control, zoom button, or by selecting Full screen orWindowed from the View menu on the toolbar. Note that these options are available only when connected to non-seamless sessions.
  • Desktop toolbar support. Desktop Toolbar support enables users to perform tasks such as switching between the desktop session and the local desktop or disconnecting from the remote desktop when connected to full screen desktop sessions.
  • Client drive mapping support. Client drive mapping enables users to map local drives and devices so that they are available from within a session. If enabled on the server, client device mapping allows remote applications or desktops running on a server to access devices attached to the local client device. Users can select to always allow or deny access to local drives from remote applications and desktops. Users can also select to allow read-only access to local drives, if required.
  • Multi-monitor support. Multi-monitor support allows users to view full-screen desktop sessions from XenDesktop across multiple monitors. Users can also resize existing session windows, by dragging the session window to cover multiple monitors and selecting Full screen from the View menu.
  • Support for saved passwords. Citrix Receiver for Mac allows users to save passwords to their local keychain, preventing the need for multiple logons when launching multiple applications and desktops.

I think the guys developing the new Receiver have done a great job. It all looks amazing and I can wait to get on with a more thorough testing.

Download the new Citrix Receiver for Mac version 11.3 here: http://itunes.apple.com/dk/app/citrix-receiver/id404221303?mt=12

Jacob Berg


  • Marcel - May 17, 2011

    Hi Jacob,

    the password is saved in the Keychain but Citrix Viewer is asking everytime for it, so this doesn’t work.

    Do you have the same problem?


    • Jacob Berg - May 17, 2011

      Hi Marcel,
      I haven’t had any issues with saving passwords.
      I’m pretty sure that the XenApp services side need to support saving off passwords, that’s might be the problem.
      Try to reconfigure the XenApp Services site and test it again.
      Cheers, Jacob

  • Lourdes Silva - October 20, 2012


    I hava a question. How can I loging to this Web Side (The Citrix Receiver now gives you the possibility to signup for a demo account at the CitrixCloud or Logon to your own site). Because I already install Citrix Receiver but I cannot configure my application on the Citrix Receiver.

    Thanks in advance,