CUGtech Autumn 2009

I have just returned from CUGtech in Norway. CUGtech is the norwegian Ctirix User Group’s autumn event. It has been a great pleasure attending.The event was extremely well organized, with great sessions and friendly people.The event was held in Dr. holm Hotel in Geilo. Even though Geilo is all most 4 hours by train from Oslo, it’s a great location. CUGtech had the hotel for them self, the conference facilities was good, great food and a beautiful view.

I attended some great sessions presented by Shawn Bass, Dr. Benny Tritsch, Rich Crusco, Rick Dehlinger, Alex Yushchenko and Rene Vester. Most of the sessions was recorded and will hopefully be available on the website later.

A big thanks to the norwegian Citrix User Group for a fantastic event.

Jacob Berg