EdgeSight 5.0 and 5.1 will stop functioning

As of 2010-03-25 (March 25th, 2010), EdgeSight 5.0 and 5.1 (all service packs) will stop functioning!

I recently was involved in upgrading an EdgeSight solution to version 5.2. During this process I did some research to be on top of things if problems should arise. The upgrade went very well, but I did find a very interesting CTX-article, about the upcoming expiration of the certificate used by earlier releases of EdgeSight.

The EdgeSight software is digitally signed with a trusted certificate, and it turns out that EdgeSight version 5.0  and 5.1 have a known issue, where the trusted certificate will expire on March 25, 2010. After that date payloads will not be uploaded and many of the EdgeSight components will not work properly resulting in different errors.

Customers will receive the following error message for payload uploads:

“Archive load error: The archive ‘/edgesight/app/suser/ZRemoteLib.zpd#12!lsync.htm’ is not appropriately signed.  The system cannot find the file specified.”

Customers running EdgeSight 5.0 and 5.1 must update both server and agent components to EdgeSight 5.2 or later. Customers running EdgeSight 5.2 do not need to take action.

Install the server component first, then apply the agent installation to all devices. Older agents can report successfully to a newer EdgeSight server.

Please be aware that the 5.2 agents cannot report to older versions of EdgeSight.

For more information check out CTX124013: http://support.citrix.com/article/ctx124013

Jacob Berg

Citrix and Apple iPad

Last week Steve Jobs introduced Apples newest mobile device called the iPad. I personally think it look quite cool, even though I would have loved a ”real” Mac OSX version or at least flash support and multitasking.

That said, It’s still looks like a great device and with the Citrix Receiver there´s really no limit to the use.

The Citrix receiver on the iPhone has already proven it’s usefulness and with the larger screen and resolution it’s a must have.

Chris Fleck from Citrix has already tested the Citrix Receiver in the iPad SDK simulator and have written a blog post where he encourage people to tell how they can use Citrix Receiver with the iPad. Check it out here and submit your own ideas. He also have a great post where he’s pointing out why iPad could be a door opener for BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer).

Another great blog post is posted by Craig Ellrod. This blog introduces a Proof of Concept made by Citrix and introduces a Deployment guide for XenApp & XenDesktop for Citrix Receiver for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

I really like the idea about using the iPad with Citrix Receiver. This will not only be a very cool way to get access to your Windows apps, but also a very useful way. With the possibility to use an external bluetooth keyboard and maybe even an external screen (Steve Jobs mentioned connecting the iPad to a projector) this could very well function as a full-blown client. The only issue I see for this to succeed is the missing mouse support. Hopefully either Apple or Citrix will fix this issue, so it will be possible to use a mouse when running Citrix Receiver.

I personally can’t wait to see how Citrix Receiver will work on a iPad.

Now I just hope Citrix also will develop a GoToMyPC application for the iPad/iPhone, that will enable you to connect to your PC/Mac from your iPad/iPhone through GoToMyPC from anywhere.

Jacob Berg

XenApp tuning document re-born

For what seems to be a life-time ago, Rick Dehlinger was the editor on the ”Citrix MetaFrame for Windows Servers – Installation and Tuning Tips” guide.

This great pdf-document featured tips and tricks for the Citrix administrator. I remember both me and my colleges, had great use of the document and every release was closely examined.

I don’t recall when Rick published the last version, but a quick search in my old documents returned the version from April 2000.

I had a quick look at it and to my surprise there’s still a lot of great tips in the guide.

For the fun of it I have included the document here.

Now the project has been reopened and will be updated on a voluntary basis through the Danish Citrix User Group. The editor of this new edition is Christian Fenneberg from Arrow ECS in Denmark, a long time friend and college of mine. The first release of the document is a ”beta” release, this release is lacking some sections, but there is still a lot of useful information. If we all help, this document have the potential to get as good as its predecessor.

Even though it’s a Danish initiative, the document is in english, for all the world to enjoy. I know for a fact that everybody welcome to participate.

You can download the new document from the Danish Citrix User Group’s site.

Jacob Berg

Official Citrix training at Arrow ECS

As some of you might know, I’m an independent consultant and trainer (Citrix Certified Instructor – CCI). These recent years as an independent consultant, haven’t left as much time to teach classes. But I’m quite often asked if and when I’m teaching my next class.

I have a great arrangement with Arrow ECS in Denmark, where I continuing in 2010 will teach classes in Citrix XenApp.

At the moment the following dates is planned:

  • CXA-201-2I: Implementing Citrix XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2008
    • Januar 18-22. in Copenhagen (the class is delivered in danish)

I will update this post when new dates are scheduled.

If you are interested in attending one of my classes please let me know.

Jacob Berg

GoToMyPC – for Mac

Most of you guys have properly heard about Citrix GoToMyPC, soon a new version is released that could be named GoToMyMac.

These last weeks I have been beta-testing Citrix’s last GoTo-product – The Citrix GoToMyPC version for Mac.

GoToMyPC is a cool product that allow users to connect remotely to their home or office computer without any special configuration.

The only thing needed is the installation of the GoToMyPC client and your up and running. (If you want to know more about how it works check this out: https://www.gotomypc.com/en_US/ourTechnology.tmpl)

Until now Citrix’s GoToMyPC has only been available for PC’s, but in 2 day the official Mac beta ends and a new flavor will see the light of day.

With GoToMyPC for Mac Citrix is adding Mac support :-). Users will now be able to remote control Mac-to-Mac, PC-to-Mac, Mac-to-PC or PC-to-PC.

I have done some testing with the beta and I personally find that very cool. I actually planned to make a screencast, to show some of the features in the beta, but now I’m going to wait for the final version.

If you want to have a quick look before the beta ends and maybe even get in on a special discount hurry over and sign up: https://www.gotomypc.com/mm/g25misc_macbeta.tmpl

I’m really looking forward to the final release and will get back with more info.

Jacob Berg