XenApp tuning document re-born

For what seems to be a life-time ago, Rick Dehlinger was the editor on the ”Citrix MetaFrame for Windows Servers – Installation and Tuning Tips” guide.

This great pdf-document featured tips and tricks for the Citrix administrator. I remember both me and my colleges, had great use of the document and every release was closely examined.

I don’t recall when Rick published the last version, but a quick search in my old documents returned the version from April 2000.

I had a quick look at it and to my surprise there’s still a lot of great tips in the guide.

For the fun of it I have included the document here.

Now the project has been reopened and will be updated on a voluntary basis through the Danish Citrix User Group. The editor of this new edition is Christian Fenneberg from Arrow ECS in Denmark, a long time friend and college of mine. The first release of the document is a ”beta” release, this release is lacking some sections, but there is still a lot of useful information. If we all help, this document have the potential to get as good as its predecessor.

Even though it’s a Danish initiative, the document is in english, for all the world to enjoy. I know for a fact that everybody welcome to participate.

You can download the new document from the Danish Citrix User Group’s site.

Jacob Berg

First Non-Citrite on Citrix TV

I recently delivered a session on the upcomming Citrix feature Power and Capacity Manager for the Danish Citirx Usergroup. This session is publicly available at Citrix’s own web-channel Citrix TV. To my best knowledge, I’m the first Non-Citrite to be broadcasted through Citrix TV – I personally find that very cool 🙂

Check out the session on Citrix TV (Please be aware that the session is in Danish):
Session Description:

Citrix User Group Denmark session on XenApp Power and Capacity Management the feature with the upcoming feature pack two for XenApp 5.0. The session is delivered by Jacob Berg, Application delivery Consulting.

Jacob Berg

CUGtech Autumn 2009

I have just returned from CUGtech in Norway. CUGtech is the norwegian Ctirix User Group’s autumn event. It has been a great pleasure attending.The event was extremely well organized, with great sessions and friendly people.The event was held in Dr. holm Hotel in Geilo. Even though Geilo is all most 4 hours by train from Oslo, it’s a great location. CUGtech had the hotel for them self, the conference facilities was good, great food and a beautiful view.

I attended some great sessions presented by Shawn Bass, Dr. Benny Tritsch, Rich Crusco, Rick Dehlinger, Alex Yushchenko and Rene Vester. Most of the sessions was recorded and will hopefully be available on the website later.

A big thanks to the norwegian Citrix User Group for a fantastic event.

Jacob Berg