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Citrix Online Plug-In for Mac and Safari 4

I’m getting a lot of questions regarding Safari and the Citrix Online Plug-In for Mac version 11.

Users can’t launch applications from the Web Interface. Nothing happens when clicking on an application icon.

Currently the Citrix Online Plug-In does not work with 64-bit Safari. Citrix are working on a fix for this, but until that is released the workaround is to launch Safari in 32bit mode.

To do this, find Safari in the applications folder and do a Get Info. There will be an “Open in 32-bit mode” checkbox – ensure that this is checked. Restart Safari and web launches should work. Of course, this will affect Safari for all other browsing activities so performance may be slightly impacted.

Scott McDonald from Citrix has a thread on this issue on the Citrix Support Forum: http://forums.citrix.com/thread.jspa?threadID=251388&start=0&tstart=0

Another workaround is to use Firefox

Jacob Berg

Web Interface 5.2 and Presentation Server 4.0

Error message ”Citrix online plug-in could not contact the server” when trying to access applications with the Citrix XenApp plug-in.

Recently I helped upgrading a WI to version 5.2. The customer was running Presentation Server 4.0. After the upgrade everything worked fine for all users running WI with the XenApp Web plug-in. A few users, no more than 20, was running the XenApp plug-in (The new name for the old PN agent). These users could not launch any applications 🙁

The application enumeration worked fine, but trying to launch an app would show the error ”Citrix online plug-in could not contact the server”.

After some troubleshooting I found the following solution:

Edit the WebInterface.conf file.

Change the value RequireLaunchReference=On to RequireLaunchReference=Off.

That solved the issue.

Afterwards I found this Citrix technote describing the necessity to change this value. Even though it’s not exactly the same issue: http://support.citrix.com/article/ctx123003

Jacob Berg